Detectors & Alarms

Whether a landlord of a student let looking for an interlinked fire system or freeholders in a block of flats chipping in to purchase a fire panel to ensure your safety, Lucas electrics can install them with ease! Whenever the fire brigade carry out a domestic inspection they always recommend that you have your detectors wired into the mains, meaning that they are always there for you when needed. Lucas electrics carry out many of these procedures, give us a quick call to find out more. Domestically, it is obligatory to have linked in fire alarms for new building installations above two stories. Mathew says there is strong pressure for CO detectors to be obligatory too. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms and detectors

As a family-run firm, we know that worries about carbon monoxide poisoning can be a real concern, particularly when you have a new baby. CO is colourless, odourless and is virtually undetectable without using detection technology. We can wire in CO detectors so you need never worry again, just like the one we have at home! Heat Detectors

Is your smoke detector actually functioning as a grilled bacon detector? There is now a fabulous innovation for the kitchen. You can have fitted a heat detector instead so that those false alarms that make you want to take the batteries out are a thing of the past. Talk to us about these, they will change your life (and possibly save it). See the ‘ABOUT US’ page for Mathew's qualifications in this discipline BFPSA Fire Detection Installation & Testing BFPSA Fire Maintenance.

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