Its always stunning how downlights will dramatically improve the look of any room. They reduce glare, provide a dynamic and interesting lightscape and mean that your shadow isn't always in the way of what you are doing! These come in a variety of types including LED and Halogen and in Low Voltage or 240 Volt downlight systems. The new LED downlights that have become available use only 6.5 Watts of power instead of a whopping 50 Watts that the old variety can use. This is a huge saving in power consumption and is up to 9 X cheaper to run. Lucas Electrics can fit any downlight or indeed any interior lighting and have the experience of knowing which downlights last for years and which blow every five minutes. Talk to us before you spend any money! We supply and fit or just supply. If we supply the materials and downlights then they will come with one years guarantee. Example Price

Install four new fire-rated downlights in bathroom (assuming existing lights earthed) - £220 

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